"Leads Page" Variant

The "leads page" is designed to Yellow Pages contracts a third party to produce a generic templated one-page "microsite" containing text that is written by the third party to be "search engine optimized" and may not be edited in any way by you, the small business owner. An alternate telephone number is created and used on this page.


New Template: Canwest Elevator and Lifts

Newer customers may receive a newer, responsive web design template that will automatically adjust to fit as many browsers and devices as reasonably possible by rearranging the content into single/multiple columns, hiding and showing the menu, etc. An example of the newer template can be found at canwestelevators.ca, the "leads page" for Canwest Elevator and Lifts. The alternate phone number provided by Yellow Pages is 1-888-216-3336.

Figure 1: screen capture of canwestelevators.ca.

The "leads page" variant and "altered website" variant are not mutually exclusive; as you can see from the bottom left of the screen capture, the website that the "leads page" links to is canwestelevators.calls.net.. canwestelevators.calls.net utilizes the same alternate telephone number as canwestelevators.ca, but otherwise mirrors the official Canwest Elevators website at canwestelevators.com. The correct Canwest Elevators toll-free number is 1-866-661-6777

Old Template - Rolltec Awnings

Older customers will likely be provided with the older template pictured below. The older design a fixed width and does not adjust to all devices and browsers.

An example of the older layout template can be found at rolltecawnings.ca. The alternate phone number provided is 1-888-387-1601.

Figure 2: screen capture of rolltecawnings.ca.

The "website" linked to from rolltecawnings.ca is rolltecawnings.calls.net; however, Rolltec Awnings appears to have a counter measure in place to redirect users to the correct site, rolltecawnings.com. The correct toll-free number is 1-800-667-0474.

Last modified: April 15, 2015.

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