Are You Affected?

NOTE: I plan on adding a tool to this page in order to make it easier to determine whether or not you are potentially affected by the Yellow Pages 360° Solution "altered website" or "leads page" variants. In the meantime, I have included some steps below to allow you to determine whether or not you are affected.

If you have purchased advertising from Yellow Pages, you should have a listing available on The steps below will provide you with a quick outline as to whether or not you are potentially affected by the Yellow Pages 360° Solution.

Check Your Listing(s)

This method is the easiest way to check to see if you are affected. However, it is rarely effective; most Yellow Pages listings no longer include the "altered website", the "leads page", or the alternative phone number. If you cannot find your listing using this technique, you may still be affected.

The steps below were done using a desktop computer. Since more information about your listing is revealed on the desktop version than the mobile version, I recommend using a desktop or laptop to follow these steps.

  1. Visit and search for your company using the search bar on the top of the page. You should see results similar to the results below:
    Figure 1: example of search results.
  2. Check the phone number to see if it matches your company telephone number. The example above is a Yellow Pages listing for Windeck Ltd.; their actual phone number is 204-231-2741, as opposed to the 204-809-9911 number indicated by Yellow Pages.
  3. Check the "website" by clicking on the "Website" circle to see whether it goes to your company website, an "altered website" variant, or a "leads page".
  4. Click the blue link corresponding with your listing to view the details for the listing. Depending on how your listing is formatted, you may see downward arrows similar to the one indicated by the screen capture below for your telephone number and / or website. Hover over them to get full information.
    Figure 2: example of a detailed listing with multiple telephone numbers.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each of your Yellow Pages listings contained within the search results.

If you come across an alternative phone number or website, you may be affected. Visit the linked website and / or call the telephone number to see if it forwards to your traditional company phone number.

Check Your Contract and / or Telephone Bill

Your contract may include a line item similar to that contained within the Figure 2 of "The Contract". It will indicate a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) package at a minimum price of $300. There may or may not be additional information pertaining to the SEM package elsewhere throughout the contract; however, I have seen multiple contracts that do not indicate this information.

You may also see a line item pertaining to your SEM package as part of the Yellow Pages section of your telephone bill.

Check (your company domain) Using a Web Browser

You may find the "altered website" at (your company domain) if you enter it into the address bar of your web browser. For example, if your company domain is, you may find an altered website at

Google Search Your Company Name

You may find unusual or unexpected results by performing a Google searching of your company name. We'll use the example above. If your company name is Adam's Burgers, you might find,,, or other variations in the Google search results. Click through any that you don't recognize and / or that seem suspicious; you may find the "leads page" variant.

I'm Affected … What Should I Do?

How you choose to deal with Yellow Pages will depend on your specific business circumstances. Some of the things you should consider:

Last modified: June 3, 2015.

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