"Altered Website" Variant

The price for the "altered website" variant is offered starting at approximately $500/month, with a minimum 1-year commitment. At $6,000 minimum, what do you as a small business customer receive? For the most part, a "marketing plan" using your own website. Via a third party, Yellow Pages effectively markets your business website with a simple, but significant modification … they change the phone number to one that you did not previously request and that you may be completely unaware of.

The primary format of the URL of the modified website is (domain name).calls.net or www.(domain name).calls.net. There may be other formats; however, I am unaware of them at the present time.

Example Websites and Modification

These examples are taken from websites that do not represent clients of mine; therefore, I am speculating that the owners of these sites do not know of the alterations made to them. However, there is valid reason for such speculation, as you'll soon see.

TRAC Engine Services

The TRAC Engine Services website and contact info can be found at trac-engine.com. The TRAC Engine Services telephone number is 780-452-2035 and the toll-free number is 1-866-322-2357.

Figure 1: screen capture of trac-engine.com.

The website modified by the third party can be found at trac-engine.calls.net. As you can see, the phone number has been altered to 780-809-3277, and the toll-free number has been completely removed.

Figure 2: screen capture of trac-engine.calls.net.

While there is no way to conclusively establish whether or not TRAC Engine Services knows of the existence of trac-engine.calls.net, we can safely assume that TRAC Engine Services did not know of the removal of their toll-free number on trac-engine.calls.net. There is a reason that companies such as TRAC Engine Services acquire toll-free numbers; to arbitrarily remove them is detrimental to their business model.

Windeck Ltd.

Windeck's telephone number is 204-231-2741. Windeck elected to include their contact phone number as part of a graphic in both the footer of their website and as part of a screen capture of the Google map on their contact page. Their contact page can be found at http://windeck.ca/?PAGE=Contact.

Figure 2: screen capture of windeck.ca.

The third party contracted by Yellow Pages has altered the phone number to 204-800-0866 on the footer of all of the pages on windeck.ca, and in the screen capture of the Google map on the contact form. While this may have been done programmatically, this would require the reproduction of several elements that would be very difficult to engineer exact style matches without physically seeing the elements:

It is far more likely that the graphic web page adjustments to the phone number were made manually.

Last modified: April 11, 2015.

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