Yellow Pages 360° ALERT
Did Their Marketing Department Conceal Information From You?

If you are a Yellow Pages customer and you have purchased any of their SEM and SEO services, you may have not been provided relevant information from their marketing department; if you were provided a proper understanding of these services, you likely would not have purchased these services.

If this is the case, you are not alone. My name is Adam Senour, and I am a freelance web programmer/designer from the Greater Toronto Area. I have multiple clients who have purchased Yellow Pages 360° Solution services without being made fully aware of what these services are and what Yellow Pages and subcontracted third parties intended to do on my clients' "behalf". This website has been set up as a means of generating awareness and understanding of the Yellow Pages 360° Solution service, and how it may be negatively affecting you and your business.

There are two major variants of this service that this site is intended to deal with. You may have purchased either or both of these variants without having received a full explanation of said variants.

"Altered Website" Variant

Your website is delivered to users via a third-party proxy server and your company phone number is altered.

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"Leads Page" Variant

A one-page "microsite" is set up on your behalf by a third party with an alternate company phone number.

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Are You Affected?

Use these tips to determine whether or not you have been affected by Yellow Pages 360° Solution.

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